Number: 779
Title: error 403 in running cgi-bin/webdot
Submitter: Mary
Date: Fri Aug 26 22:06:23 2005
Subsys: Dot
Version: 2.4.1
System: *-Linux-RH
Severity: minor
I just installed

graphviz-tcl-2.4-1.rh73.i386.rpm and

I set http://bugserver/cgi-bin/webdot/%urlbase%

However, I can try run http://server/cgi-bin/webdot/%urlbase% I got WebDot Error: Response Code = 403.

Is there a workaround?
[ellson] 403 is "Forbidden" so there is a permissions problem somewhere.

Do the webdot images at: http://bugserver/webdot/ look OK ? (Should be the same as: )

In your report above, why are the hosts in the two URLs different? (typo?)

What does "%urlbase%" base mean?

[mtsow] I'm not able to see http://bugserver/webdot/, Do you mean the /bugserver/data/webdot? Should I set .htaccess to anything? Right now I have

deny from none <Files duplicates.rdf> allow from all </Files>

My directory are all +r and +x

[ellson] Can you check your installation please? On recent RedHat systems, the web server contents are installed under /var/www, so assuming that you installed graphviz, graphviz-tcl, and webdot from rpms on your "bugserver" host, you should have:

- the webdot script in:  /var/www/cgi-bin/webdot
- the webdot tutorial home page in:  /var/www/html/webdot/index.html
- the tcldot extension to tcl should be in:    /usr/lib/graphviz/

Is that what you have?
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