Number: 777
Title: dotty fails on Solaris 8 with example graphs
Submitter: Karsten Kuenne
Date: Wed Aug 24 17:27:59 2005
Subsys: Dotty/Lneato/Lefty
Version: 2.4
System: Sparc-Solaris-2.4
Severity: critical
The dotty command doesn't work at all on Solaris 8 with the example graphs from /usr/share/graphviz/graphs. It either complains about some obscure syntax error or lefty dumps core. For instance:

% dotty
Error: <stdin>:3: syntax error near line 3
context:                 >>>  = <<<  ""

% dotty panic: (file tbl.c, line 220, func Tinsi) insert attempted on non-table /usr/local/bin/dotty[107]: 12251 Abort(coredump)

The dotty from 1.16 works fine with the same graphs. The dot command also seems to work fine, at least I could create PS files from the examples.

All examples in $installpath/share/graphviz/graphs.
Compilation flags are the same for 1.16 and 2.4. 1.16 was compiled with Sun Studio 9 compiler whereas 2.4 was compiled with Sun Studio 10. I'll try to compile 2.4 with Sun Studio 9 and see whether that makes a difference.
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