Number: 767
Title: Dynamic loading on AIX doesn't work
Submitter: Aaron Digulla
Date: Fri Aug 19 05:40:29 2005
Subsys: Dot
Version: 2.4
System: PowerPC-Unix-AIX 5.1
Severity: major
When compiling dot with GCC 3.3.2, dynamic loading of plugins doesn't work.

This has the following impacts:

1. The file config is always empty which leads to the errors:

Error: .../lib/graphviz/config is zero sized, or other read error. Error: rescanning for plugins

2. When running dot -Kxxx, you get the following output:

Layout type: "xxx" not recognized. Use one of:

To fix this, you must run configure with

    --disable-ltdl --enable-shared=no

Also check that HAVE_UNISTD_H is defined in config.h; for some reason, configure didn't set this on my system. Comments: [ellson]This is the first time I've encountered a PowerPC-Unix-AIX system, so you're on the bleeding edge here.

1. What is the naming convention for shared libraries on AIX? is it like: or something else? Perhaps you could send me the result of "ls /usr/lib/graphviz/" after you have done a "make install" ?

Does the latest graphviz-2.5.* snapshot release on have the same problem?

2. this is a consequence of the problem in 1.

The config check for unistd.h seems to work correctly on Linux. config.h contains "#define HAVE_UNISTD_H 1". Where is unistd.h located on your system?
Owner: ellson
Status: *