Number: 737
Title: Tcldot produces errrors when re-rendering a graph
Submitter: Andy Duller
Date: Mon Jul 4 09:17:23 2005
Subsys: Tcl/Tk utilities
Version: 2.2.1
System: x86-Linux-RedHat Enterprise 3
Severity: major
When using Tcldot. After a graph has been created using tcldot it can be rendered once correctly but if it is then re-rendered if produces an error. (I am assuming that this type of re-rendering is actually allowed, perhaps this assumption is wrong) In real examples this has produced incorrect colours or even segmentation faults. In the provided example it gives the error:

tk_set_style: unsupported style box - ignoring

In addition, the following produces a related error:

% set f [open "test.gif" w] file4 % $instg write $f gif Warning: gd_set_style: unsupported style box - ignoring

Interestingly, changing the order of the definition of graph g1, i.e. setting the shape first and then the style, does not produce an error.

package require Tcldot

proc draw {} {
  global instg
  global sigg

 eval [$instg render .inst.graph]
 eval [$sigg render .sig.graph]

set instg 
  [dotstring "digraph g1 {anode [style=bold, shape=box, color=yellow];}"]
set sigg 
  [dotstring "digraph g2 {bnode [shape=box, style=filled, color=red];}"]

toplevel .inst
canvas .inst.graph
pack .inst.graph

toplevel .sig
canvas .sig.graph
pack .sig.graph

Owner: ellson
Status: *