Number: 713
Title: lefty not installed when installing graphviz
Submitter: Gregory Muller
Date: Thu May 19 09:47:06 2005
Subsys: Dotty/Lneato/Lefty
Version: 2.2.1
System: x86-Linux-2.6.5
Severity: critical
when installin the package, dotty is well present in /usr/local/bin but not lefty. So when I try and start dotty, it tells me lefty could not be found... =o( Please help me ! I followed each step (./configure, make, make install...) twice but it's still the same thing !
[ellson] I'm unable to reproduce this problem here.

Is there really no /usr/local/bin/lefty, or is it just that dotty can't find it? Do you have /usr/local/bin in your PATH ?

One other possibility. Lefty will not get build if -lXpm is unavailable (from xorg-x11-libs)

Did you see any warnings during ./configure ?

[gregory.muller] I re-installed xorg-x11-libs-6.7.0-14.i386.rpm and its dependances (by the way I noticed I had made a mistake in the informations I had given you : the architecture of my computer is i386 and not x86.). But I still have the same warnings (see attached file) . ./configure can't find x11... Can you help me ? (as you may have seen, i don't have a great linux knowledge...)

[ellson] Did you install the -devel rpms for xorg-x11 ?

Did I ask why you aren't using the binary rpms?
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