Number: 696
Title: IMG tags in HTML labels do not work for PS files
Submitter: Paulo Pinto
Date: Mon Apr 25 04:55:28 2005
Subsys: Dot
Version: 2.0
System: x86-Windows-XP SP2
Severity: major
When using HTML labels in nodes, the IMG tag does not work for PostScript files. dot -Tps bug_img_ps.txt -o

Command line: dot -Tps bug_img_ps.txt -o

I'm using GSView 4.7 and Ghostscript 8.5 under Windows to view the PS files, maybe this is a problem with the viewing software. Note that for a graph that spans multiple pages (with page="8.5,11" attribute), the pages without images display well, but the ones with images report an error.
Input file:
Output file:
[erg] At present, we don't support the conversion necessary to embed a bitmap file into postscript output, nor the other way around either.

[paulo] Any chance of using ImageMagick in Graphviz to handle all your image conversion needs? There is a C API. :)
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Status: Request