Number: 639
Title: Can not build without Freetype
Submitter: Icarus Sparry
Date: Tue Feb 22 14:28:02 2005
Subsys: Dot
Version: 2.3
System: *-*-
Severity: major
Using the graphviz-2.3.20050222.0530.tar.gz tarball, without Freetype, then lib/common/input.c fails to compile.

input.c:313: structure has no member named `codegen'

If one defines 'DISABLE_CODEGENS', then lib/common/emit.c fails to compile

emit.c:1080: `Obj' undeclared

Just setting Output_codegen to 0 seems to make everything work, on a sample of 1 dot file!

[ellson] 2.3 is the development series, and --disable-codegens is an experimental feature.

i.e. please don't use.

If you don't want freetype then don't install it on your system, graphviz should build without - or if not then thats a separate bug.

[icarus] Sorry, I made the cardinal error of putting in too much detail.

Bug number 1. Without freetype, then lib/common/input.c does not compile.

Comment. Looking at why it doesn't compile, gets the hint that disabling codegens might help. However if I disable codegens then lib/common/emit.c doesn't compile. This might be bug number 2, but this might be my fault for using an experimental feature.

Work around for bug number 1. Set Output_codegen to 0 at line 313 of input.c, rather than something like gvt->codegen.(Sorry the code is at work, I am at home, and I am doing this from memory and the bug report I submitted, the code was between a #if !defined() && !defined() line and the #endif. I think the first defined was NO_CODEGENS and the second was GD_FREETYPE.
Owner: ellson
Status: *