Number: 636
Title: Strange Behavior in Landscape Orientation and in postscript output
Submitter: John Rocha
Date: Thu Feb 17 13:18:03 2005
Subsys: Tcl/Tk utilities
Version: 1.5
System: Sparc-Solaris-5.8
Severity: minor
I have an application where multiple triggers can cause a state transition, so I was listing all of them on the same edge, and for beautification purposes, using newlines to have them stacked one on top of the other.

I found that in the normal portrait display this was displayed correctly. However, these newlines where ignored in the generated postscript file (using the TCL [graphhandle write format] functionality.) I found that the orientation did not appear to effect the newline stripping here. I also found that adding linefeed along with carriage return did not seem to correct the problem

Moreover, a second problem I found was that when I change the GRAPHS orientation to 'orient landscape' The displayed graph does not rotate the labels, but it does adjust everything else by 90 degress. However, the generated postscript is correct (except for the newline problem listed above).
Input file: b636.tcl
Output file: b636.jpg
Owner: ellson
Status: *