Number: 629
Title: Cannot create dia output on WinXP
Submitter: Saku Seppälä
Date: Fri Feb 11 06:26:15 2005
Subsys: Output generation
Version: 2.3.20050208.0530
System: x86-Windows-XP
Severity: minor
Cannot create dia output on WinXP

dot -Tdia -o temp.dia Error: Error opening compressed output file

The graph is example from the gallery.

On debian sarge dia output works on dot version 2.2 with exactly the same parameters.


graph G {
	run -- intr;
	intr -- runbl;
	runbl -- run;
	run -- kernel;
	kernel -- zombie;
	kernel -- sleep;
	kernel -- runmem;
	sleep -- swap;
	swap -- runswap;
	runswap -- new;
	runswap -- runmem;
	new -- runmem;
	sleep -- runmem;
Owner: erg
Status: *