Number: 55
Title: edge labels trap other edges
Submitter: Florian Hars
Date: Wed Oct 24 12:00:52 2001
Subsys: Dot
Version: 1.7.7
System: x86-Linux-Debian
Severity: minor
Sometimes a label on an edge ties a lot of other edges together that wouldn't even pass close to the labeled edge if it had no label. See all the lines in the enclosed graph trapped between the "funny" label and it's associated edge. If you remove the label (look for "remove" in the dot file), the graph looks considerably better, but some other labels still have weird positions.

The problem was the same in 1.7.5, but there the removal of the "funny" label resulted in a nice graph without the additional problems.

I haven't been able to reduce the size of the graph without loosing the bug.
Input file:
Output file:
Owner: north
Status: *