Number: 510
Title: seg faults depending on length of fontpath name
Submitter: Bill Cavnar
Date: Mon Aug 16 11:42:44 2004
Subsys: Dot
Version: 1.12
System: x86-Linux-RedHat 7.3
Severity: minor
dot seg faults, apparently depending on the length of the fontpath. I first discovered this when I was trying to move my font directory from one place to another. By luck, the first place had worked, but when I moved it to another directory whose pathname was 2 bytes longer, dot seg faulted. I tried fiddling with permissions and then with moving it from place to place. I noticed that when the fontpath was a multiple of 4 characters it seemed to work. Here's the smallest example I could come up with that exhibited the problem. In this case I had made my font directory a subdirectory of my working directory, and named it 'ttf' (which didn't work). I renamed it to 'ttf1' and it worked.

# dot -Gfontname=Arial -Gfontsize=12 -Gfontpath='ttf' -Tpng /tmp/ -o
zsh: segmentation fault  dot -Gfontname=Arial -Gfontsize=12 -Gfontpath='ttf' -Tpng
# mv ttf ttf1
# dot -Gfontname=Arial -Gfontsize=12 -Gfontpath='ttf1' -Tpng /tmp/ -o

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