Number: 492
Title: samehead/sametail vs record ports
Submitter: Jean-Francois Patenaude
Date: Mon Jul 19 14:33:41 2004
Subsys: Dot
Version: 1.12
System: x86-Linux-Gentoo 2004.1
Severity: major

When I use the SAMEHEAD option on records, all the arrows don't aim at the same landing point (see the red lines). Furthermore, the landing point seems to be centered toward the middle of the node instead of the middle of the record (see the green lines).
Input file:
Output file: b492.gif
If the nodename:portname:compass would be implemented, it would probably fix this.

[erg] We know have compass points, so a workaround is to use them.

Also, at present, samehead/sametail works only at the node level, knowing nothing about ports. I've altered this to an MR. It could somehow take into account edges pointing to the same port. It potentially could be extended beyond dot.
Owner: erg
Status: Request