Number: 478
Title: dot(ty) fails on long labels
Submitter: Nico Kasprzyk
Date: Tue Jun 22 12:07:25 2004
Subsys: Dotty/Lneato/Lefty
Version: 1.1.2
System: *-Linux-2.6.7
Severity: critical
In our project, we automatically create dot-Files with sometimes long labels for nodes. The parser break the processing with:

graph parser: string ran past end of line near line 249

I also send you the dot-File and hope that this problem is not a big one to solve.

Kindly regards,

Input file:
[erg] This is not a bug. There are newline characters within quoted strings. One can either make the string into a single line, or use backslash before a newline, or the "+" string operator.

It turns out the original input file had introduced newline characters, and user reported the problem in dot. It appears the problem is in dotty, not dot. The new input file has a long line, which dotty rejects.
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Status: *