Number: 397
Title: Dotty Bug
Submitter: Philipp Gühring
Date: Thu Jan 22 13:36:45 2004
Subsys: Dotty/Lneato/Lefty
Version: dotty version 96c (09-24-96)
System: x86-Linux-SuSE 9.0
Severity: minor
It crashes with the following message:

dotty.lefty: giving up on dot
dotty.lefty: graph that causes dot
dotty.lefty: to fail has been saved in file
dotty.lefty: please fill out a bug report at
Completely reproducable.

I guess that it is a problem with the amount of data, I think it does not happen with smaller files of the same structure.
Input file:
Comments: [erg] One label has 5493 bytes, which upsets lefty's tummy.
Owner: *
Status: *