Number: 384
Title: Dotty crash with normal user and noi with root user
Submitter: Romain Parmantier
Date: 19 December 2003
Subsys: Dotty/Lneato/Lefty
Version: Graphviz 1.10
System: Linux-2.4.18 Debian-3.0
Severity: critical]
I'm installing graphviz without any problems. I use 'make' command to build graphviz and 'make install" to install graphviz (in root mode). When I try to view a graph with dotty on my session, dotty runs but doesn't display the graph. I obtain the following message :

/usr/local/bin/dot : error while linking shared librairie: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory.
I have checked right file and I export variable LEFTYPATH. But, dotty doesn't run. When I use root account, dotty works but the menu dosen't. I can't select action as 'zoom out' or 'save as'. That's all
Comments: Graphviz is excellent, very good job
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