Number: 349
Title: I think it's too big
Submitter: ebone
Date: Thu Sep 4 14:24:13 2003
Subsys: Dot
System: *-*-*
Severity: critical
this build might be four months old. It's a graph from a graph bipartitioning problem outputted by some genetic algorithm I wrote. It's this big because the professor made it that way and it isn't strange it's that big these problems are this big. Now I would like to plead for fixin'the bug because actually graph bipartitioning and graph n-partitioning problems are quite common in probabilistic reasoning and therefore also in probabilistic computing. It would indeed be of great assistance in many tasks if some sort of visualisation of the material existed. nah mean? For debugging purposes as well as experimental analysis this would be very important. flags tried -Tpng -Tps and also no flags at all dot just hangs I guess. I would like to add I really like dot and I would like to contribute by writing a c++ wrapper class for dot would it not be the case that I have not been able to compile dot at all... I asked questions one time when I was experimenting with mingw but I was to ld cygwin was the only way. The only reason cygwin does in fact not work is besause the system header file (I think)system.h and some system timing (it were indeed the headers incorporating info about cpu timing)headers are not at all present in mingw. If it is possible I would like to know what purpose they serve in current implementations of dot.

the file says dottybug but dot hung, and caused dotty to hang , i tried independantly.
Input file:
Comments: output is NONE
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