Number: 347
Title: Edges to ports drawn inside node
Submitter: Sascha Silbe
Date: Tue Sep 2 14:05:20 2003
Subsys: Dot
Version: 1.10
System: *-*-
Severity: minor
I'm trying to let dot (or neato) draw a graph similar to the one on "". But even when using the dot file on that page (after repairing the multiline labels), dot aims the ends of the edges at the center of the target port, not at the node boundary.

If you examine the 0xf7fc4380 node port on the left (the one pointed to by 0x10ba8), you'll see that the arrows are within the node. On the sample page, they point to the node boundary instead.
Input file:
[erg] The change occurred before June, 2003. This is actually an artifact of the whole layout changing, so that the edge now passes through the node on its way to the port. This is the current implementation. dot does not guarantee edges to ports will not go through the node, especially as the port may be entirely surrounded by other ports.

We could provide this feature, or implement ports on ports.

Also, as noted by the submitter, the sample dot files have line breaks in the middle of quoted strings, which means one can't run dot on them without first fixing the lines.
Owner: *
Status: Request