Number: 304
Title: graph loading and layouting error
Submitter: Pawel Kowalski
Date: Mon Jun 16 05:48:35 2003
Subsys: Dot
Version: 1.8.10
System: *-*-*
Severity: critical
I use the dot tool through the grappa java api interface to dot. When filtering the graph (method GrappaSupport.filterGraph(m_graph, connector)) the dot causes an error: "The instruction 0x.... referenced memory at 0x.... . The memory could not be written".

the file "" contains the graph which causes the bug. within the graph described by this file there is a node:

    "" [
      color = palegoldenrod,
      style = filled,
      width = "2.09"
contained within the subgraph "main_layer".

after moving this node into the "unassigned_layer" subgraph, the bug doesn't appear anymore.

i reconstructed the bug with dotty.
Input file:
[erg] Note that the crash occurs on irix as well.

[kowalski] A graph can't be laid out if there are two nodes in the same subgraph which have directed edges from one node to the other and the constraint is set to false. is a smaller example.
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