Number: 286
Title: Truncated or clipped output
Submitter: Stephen Adams
Date: Wed May 7 13:55:47 2003
Subsys: output
Version: ? (recent, 2003)
System: x86-Windows-XP
Severity: critical
A large graph (1000 nodes) is clipped and over half of it is missing.

> dotty defect_x.dotty

The window shows nodes 000 through 454. It appears that the canvas behind the window is about 32768 pixels high and the rest of the graph is not drawn on the canvas. Just over 12 nodes are drawn on the screen, and my screen res is 1200x1024, so the interior area in the maximized window is ~900 pixels high, which gives 900/12*454 = 34k which (considering Iím eyeballing my screen) looks very much like a signed short.

> dot -Tgif defect_x.dotty > defect_x.gif

The .gif file has the same problem as the dotty window. I though that GIF files could be up to 64k square.
Input file:
[erg] The graph requires a bitmap larger than supported by libgd. The error message appears to be lost on Windows.
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