Number: 235
Title: lefty readline from pipe hangs on Solaris
Submitter: Marko Mäkelä
Date: December 11, 2002
Subsys: dotty/lneato/lefty
Version: 1.8.10
System: sparc-sun-solaris2.8
Severity: major
The visualization interface of my program "maria" ( fails on Solaris. When I try to use any functions that would communicate to the dotty-based "maria-vis" script via pipes, the dotty window opens, but the mouse pointer inside the window remains as a wristwatch and nothing happens.
I think I reported this bug about one year ago, but my fix has not been applied.
Remove the fseek call from the file graphviz/lefty/os/unix/io.c, function IO_readline. The calls are probably unnecessary in IO_writeline as well, but they do not cause any harm.
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