Number: 226
Title: Re: [graphviz] strange warning + bad output from dot
Submitter: John Lenton
Date: Fri Nov 29 12:29:17 2002
Subsys: Dot
Version: CVS
System: x86-Linux-2.4.18
Severity: minor
When running a graph through dot I repeatedly get a 'trouble in init_rank' warning, a flood of ranks,

        virtual 60
        virtual 3
        virtual 3
        virtual 3
        virtual 3
        virtual 7

(a *lot* of these), and the resulting graph isn't layed out correctly (the nodes overlap).

Just 'dot', no arguments, triggers this. I haven't found any combination of arguments that _doesn't_ trigger it, in fact. I'm unable to find a smaller graph that does the same thing.

Sorry about the butt-uglyness of the graph -- I haven't had time to clean up the output of the program that generates it.

I'll attach the output, in case it gives you any further clues.

Having been able to reduce a previously huge graph down to a measly size (attached graph) while still seeing dot balk, I'm wanting to post a followup to the bugreport. I'm probably blind, or had too much beer at the LUG meet, but I can't seem to find that option.

Anyhoo, here she is. If you want to see what the graph _should_ look like, remove the second and beforelast lines.
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