Number: 2143
Title: DOTTY is not able to deal with french accents in labels
Submitter: Frederic COTE
Date: Thu Feb 24 06:47:18 2011
Subsys: Dotty
Version: 2.26.3
System: x86-Windows-XP
Severity: minor
I use Dotty to visualize transport links between locations. Some are located in France and have names like 'Armantière' (with an accented e). When I use this name as node name, it is OK. When I use it as label, dotty gives an output error.

Here a simple sample:

digraph G
"DC_Armentieres"    [label="DC_Armentières" shape=diamond]
"DC_Export_Belgium" [label="DC_Export_Belgium" shape=diamond]
Output file: b2143.gv
[erg] Dotty is ancient technology, using only ascii characters, and is unlikely to be upgraded. We hope to have a new version of gvedit available in the next release which will handle full utf-8.

Actually, having just checked, the 2.26 version of gvedit will handle your file already. Node and edge creation rely on text entry rather than mouse and menu, but you will be able to see the desire accents.
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Status: Request