Number: 2137
Title: Circo problem
Submitter: David Dooling
Date: 14 Feb 2011
Subsys: circo
Version: *
System: *-*
Severity: major
I am following along some examples form a book and have created a file that I am trying to plot

with the command line: $ circo -Tpng -Ograph

No plots are created and the following warning is give:

Warning: Could not load "/opt/local/lib/graphviz/libgvplugin_pango.6.dylib" - file not found
[ellson] Are you building from source, using macPorts perhaps?

Try "rm -rf /opt/local/lib/graphviz" followed by a fresh "make install"

What graphviz version do you have?
Owner: *
Status: *