Number: 2130
Title: subgraph crash after updating graph, Mac specific
Submitter: Max Keuken
Date: Mon Feb 7 08:42:35 2011
Subsys: Dot
Version: 2.26
System: Other-OSX-snowleopard
Severity: critical
When I save my text file to update the edges graphviz crashes.

The code that seems to cause it is the following:

Pallidum[label = <
        <TD ROWSPAN="3" PORT="GPi">GPi</TD>
        <TD ROWSPAN="3" PORT="GPe">GPe</TD>
        <TD ROWSPAN="3" PORT="Ventral_Pallidum">Ventral Pallidum</TD>
    </TABLE>>  ];

subgraph clusterBG { Striatum; Substantia_Nigra; Pallidum; Striatuma; STN; [label = "BG"] } --------

It will not crash if I remove the "Pallidum" from the subgraph "clusterBG"

The file runs fine if a friend of mine runs it on a linux comp (version 2.27).

So first thought it was a version error and updated to 2.27 for mac but still got the same crash
Input file: b2130.gv
Output file: b2130.rtf
[erg] The input graph is not legal dot. For example, you have

subgraph clusterBG		{ 	Striatum;
						[label = "BG"]

Assuming the label is meant for the cluster, there shouldn't be any square brackets around it.

If you run /usr/local/bin/dot on your graph, you'll get error messages, but apparently the accepts this.

Here is a cleaned-up version.

To clarify, are you saying that you start on your graph, then use File -> Export, and then the crash occurs?

When I try, using both the original graph and a corrected version, everything is fine on Leopard, but on Snow Leopard, both cause Graphviz to crash. However, /usr/local/bin/dot works fine on the corrected input.

[max] Hi Emden, for starters thanks for looking into it. Regarding you question, graphviz crashes when it tries to load the .gv file either via export or when it is alreadu open and i save the updated file via text editor. It also crashes when opening the .gv file via the finder. About the label part, i doubt that that is really the problem since the other three subgraph clusters with a label work fine. Instead of it being something to do with the code it self it seems to be an issue of snowleopard and graphviz interacting.. Since the same code runs on linux and leopard without issues but crashes on two seperate computers bith running snowleopard. Any other ideas are welcom!

[erg] I agree about the label, since I get the crash from a graph with correct syntax. Unfortunately, running /usr/local/bin/dot on the graph works fine, so I have no idea how to start debugging this. With luck, Glen will be able to give it a look.
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