Number: 2126
Title: Graphviz in combination with tiny_mCE
Submitter: Cas Nuy
Date: Thu Feb 3 04:11:01 2011
Subsys: Dot
System: x86-*-
Severity: major
We have mantis installed including graphviz. Now we wanted to include a Wysiwyg editor to have a bit more sophisticated output. However after loading the javascript, the graphs stop working, no error message but the output is the simple red cross. I have tried several editors, Xinha Ckeditor Nicedit, all have the same effect. Any idea what is causing this behaviour?
[erg] I have no idea, especially because I don't know how graphviz is being integrated into mantis, or how the wysiwyg editor fits in. If graphviz is hanging, it could be something as simple as a buffer not being flushed. But any reasonable conjecture would depend on knowing the system architecture.

You will probably have better luck contacting the people doing mantis.
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