Number: 2117
Title: Crashes with this dot file
Submitter: Jordi Mallach
Date: Tue Jan 25 15:26:20 2011
Subsys: Dotty/Lneato/Lefty
Version: 2.26.3
System: x86-Linux-Debian 6.0
Severity: major
Problem: dotty crashes with this dot file.
Input file: b2117.gv
[erg] It's not so much a crash as that dot exits prematurely because the input file is not utf-8. Setting charset=latin1 fixes this. However, dotty doesn't handle non-ascii characters, so this is more of a modification request than a bug.


stayman<355> dot dotty*dot
Error: Invalid 3-byte UTF8 found in input. Perhaps "-Gcharset=latin1" is needed?

dotty is a very old program, and wasn't ever updated to use non-ASCII character sets. So it won't work with your file. It probably won't ever be updated (though anyone is welcome to try). We should probably remove it from the package. There are probably we should remove it from the graphviz disrtibution. You might do better with a more modern front end -- the choice depends on your operating system. See the Resources section of Some recommendations are Pixelglow UI for the Mac, Canviz, ZGRViewer.
Owner: ek
Status: Request