Number: 2111
Title: Simple hierarchical graph crashes dot
Submitter: Matthijs Douze
Date: Mon Jan 17 08:57:41 2011
Subsys: Dot
Version: 2.27.20110107.0545
System: *-Linux-Debian 5.0
Severity: critical
We are producing hierarchical graphs, but dot seems to crash rendering them for a large range of parameters. The dot command is

dot -Teps -oprimes.eps

gdb tells that the crash is triggered in triangulate() which is passed an invalid polygon.

I could not find a workaround, tuning parameters (letter sizes...) sometimes makes the bug disappear.
Input file: b2111.gv
[erg] If you comment out the last edge, the problem goes away. However, the resulting output shows that the second edge, from keysOut to stamps, is broken. Only by removing all port names and compass points do you get a good edge. It almost appears that some node translation is not being done.

I have attached a smaller example with output. The cluster is necessary to cause the problem.
Owner: *
Status: *