Number: 2100
Title: failure of windows installer (2.26-3)
Submitter: Sebastien Kramm
Date: Tue Jan 4 05:01:50 2011
Subsys: Build/Installation
Version: 2.26-3
System: x86-Windows-XP-SP3
Severity: major
When running the installer on a rather old machine, the progress bar stops near the end, and suddenly goes back to 0, with the following message: "The installer was interrupted before Graphviz could be installed. You need to restart the installer again" Although I didn't interrupt anything... I tried 3 times, each time same behaviour.

I agree it's more a msi-related bug, but could it be possible to get only a binary release, without the installer (aka .exe). I can install it myself, and add needed OS integration.

Comments: [erg] We used to supply just a zipped file of the tree.
Owner: arif
Status: *