Number: 2097
Title: Missing image
Submitter: Yifan Hu
Date: Sat Jan 1 21:11:47 2011
Subsys: Output generation
Version: 2.27
System: *-*
Severity: minor
Using the attached 2 node graph with a picture to be included in the html label,

neato -v -Gsize=40,40! -Tpng:cairo -n2 junk1.gv > /tmp/1.png

does not show the picture at all.

neato -v -Gsize=40,40! -Tpng:gd -n2 junk1.gv > /tmp/1.png

shows the picture, but is not useful as the font is bad, among other things.

Are you able to repeat this? Fixable?
Input file: b2097.gv
Output file: b2097a.png

If the coordinates are changed to make the drawing a tad smaller, the image re-appears. I'm guessing that cairo or our plugin must assume the scaled down image is too small and optimizes it out.

[yifan] I found a temp fix: just scale the image file to a small size (say 60x60 instead of 400x400). Seem that the compression down to small size is one reason why cairo failed.
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Status: *