Number: 2066
Title: Spline router loops forever in dot
Submitter: Ghislain PUTOIS
Date: Wed Oct 27 04:54:19 2010
Subsys: Dot
Version: 2.20.2 and 2.27.20101026.0445
System: x86-Linux-Ubuntu karmic
Severity: major
Dot loops forever during spline routing with the attached file.

Problem can be mitigated by:

- setting ranksep to equally
- replacing spline routing by line routing
- deleting one of the following transitions :
                confirmationMotif->blocRelance [label="33%"];
                analyseMotif->blocRelance [label="12%"];

However, I feel the spline router should not try forever. It should rather fail nicely, or produce an approximate solution.
Input file: b2066.gv
[erg] The problem is that the flat, labeled edge relancePanne->invitLN has a very thin top box above the label. The path algorithm returns a spline lying outside of the boxes, never going through the top box, so the attempt to trim the the boxes to the space used by the spline always fails for the top box. By the way, the problem doesn't occur on the macs.
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