Number: 2063
Title: Fix graphviz testsuite
Submitter: Jaroslav karvada
Date: Fri Oct 22 07:54:02 2010
Subsys: Build/Installation
System: *-*-2.26.3
Severity: minor
This originates from:

graphviz testsuite seems to be broken.

1. coredumps on several architectures, 2. if there is stderr output during the test (e.g. warning about missing font), the test is not further evaluated and seems to pass, 3. nshare samples seems to be outdated.
There were proposed patches for first two cases in original bugzilla: case 1: case 2:

For case 3 could you update the nshare samples or provide information about system configuration / required packages / versions that results in testsuite pass?
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