Number: 206
Title: dot chrash on Win32
Submitter: Jari Siikarla
Date: Fri Oct 4 07:33:43 2002
Subsys: Dot
Version: Windows (1.8.9)
System: x86-Other-4.0 Sp6
Severity: major
OS=Windows Nt

Using Dotty on large function call graph (~20 000 nodes) Gives "size too big"

Reducing the file to have only 5 000 lines of edges (ie. 5 -> {1;2;3;4;}) causes dot to crash. Dotty still tries to continue, but eventually gives up after the second crash of dot.

Produced crash report "" is 7,3 MB
Input file:
vcg or aisee crashed with less dignity than dot/dotty ;)

Do you have rule of thump on how big a graph dot/dotty can handle ?

[erg] At first blush, this appears to be a stack overflow in search_component during mincross.
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