Number: 2057
Title: ##spline=ortho" error report
Submitter: Milton
Date: Tue Oct 19 01:25:32 2010
Subsys: Dot
Version: graphviz-2.27.20101013.0445.msi
System: *-Windows-Win2000
Severity: minor

In order to draw orthogonal edges in flowchart I downloaded and installed the "graphviz-2.27.20101013.0445.msi" package for windows OS. It works very well, one sample is attached.

But when I wanted to add edge label with sentences like: splines="ortho"; ..... A -> B [label="yes"] an memory error occured, snapshot is also attached.

Thus I had to use: A -> B [headlabel="yes"] instead.

Hope someone could fix this problem in next edition.

Thank you.

Best regards,


    A -> B [label="yes"]
Output file: b2057.jpg
[erg] Yes, as noted in a post to the mailing list, orthogonal edges still does not handle edge labels in dot and ports.
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Status: *