Number: 2053
Title: Dot crashes on input with many subgraphs
Submitter: David Mann
Date: Tue Oct 12 13:03:35 2010
Subsys: Dot
Version: 2.26.3
System: x86-Windows-XP, sp3
Severity: critical
Dot crashes when running the following command: dot -Tpng -o 'C:junkProcessDependencies.png' ''

This also occurs in version 2.27.20100201.0545.

I eliminated a large portion of the graph. Let me know if you want the full file.

I have seen dot crash on previous versions of the input, but have been able to work around it before by re-ordering the input. Haven't been able to find a re-ordering that works this time.

The line that causes the issue: kcmrisk01_LoadDataModel -> kcmapps03_RunSecurityForge; Comment it out and it runs. Uncomment the lines immediately above it and it still runs.

Similarly, if you exclude the bad line above and include: // tjm303risk01_LoadDataModel -> kcmapps03_RunSecurityForge; it also crashes.

Something about kcmapps03_RunSecurityForge as a target?
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