Number: 2041
Title: dot aborts on graph with many edges having contraint=false
Submitter: Alexander Bernauer
Date: Tue Sep 21 03:08:50 2010
Subsys: Dot
Version: 2.20.2
System: x86-Linux-Ubuntu lucid
Severity: critical

 * Dot aborts when called on the given graph.
 * no command line options

* The graph is automatically generated. * The problem came up when I decided to not use some edges for ranking nodes. * The same graph without the constraint attributes works fine.

As I am sure the constraint attribute works fine for small examples I don't know how to construct a smaller graph which reproduces the bug. And because the graph is highly connected manually thinning it out is cumbersome. So I hope this rather large example still helps to find the bug. If not, don't hesitate to contact me.
Input file: b2041.gv

 * my architecture is actually 64 bit
 * I can send you a core dump if needed.

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