Number: 2033
Title: DOT.EXE crash triggered by nodesep=5
Submitter: Len Shustek
Date: Tue Sep 14 17:14:31 2010
Subsys: Dot
Version: 2.26.3
System: x86-Windows-XP
Severity: major
Adding nodesep=5 as a graph attribute causes DOT.EXE to crash with an exception error. I tried to remove as much of the input file as possible.
Input file: b2033.gv
[erg] Does the snippet of the graph you sent with the bug report cause the problem if you run dot on it? If not, where might we find the full graph? Also, can you supply the command line flags you used, or tell us how ran dot? Thanks.

[len] Yes, that snippet reliably causes the crash. I tried to remove as much of the file as possible to try to make isolating the cause easier. It works ok if you comment out the "nodesep=5" in that file.

I'm not running DOT explicitly; I'm using GVedit v:1.01 and its "run" button to create a JPG file. I'm not putting any additional attributes in the "Graphiz Settings" window.

-- Len

PS: Despite its quirkiness, I love this program! As you might guess, we're using it to mock up a chart of programming language history for an exhibit at the Computer History Museum,

[erg] We'll check this using GVedit and dot on Windows. Meanwhile, if I had to guess, I suspect it relates to producing a very large bitmap. The final graph is about 350 inches wide by 88 inches high. Unless you really need a bitmap of that size, you might consider using the size attribute to scale it down, or produce non-bitmap output such as SVG.

[len] I will scale it down. We do ultimately want a chart about 4' high by 15' wide, but I haven't been paying attention to the bitmap size while working on the content and previewing it on the screen. And I'll look into non-bitmap formats, which our production crew probably know how to handle when it comes time to print.

[arif] It is a pango issue. -Tjpg:gd works fine

[len] Indeed it does, thanks! I'll still work on making my graph less "extreme", but you know the attitude these days: anything that produces a file less than a gigabyte is no big deal. :-)
Owner: arif
Status: *