Number: 2012
Title: Switched direction
Submitter: Milchgesicht
Date: Tue Aug 10 06:52:02 2010
Subsys: Dot
Version: 2.26.3 (20100126.1600)
System: x86-Windows-7
Severity: major

The following description will produce semantical different outputs, regarding if node "R" is put into the rank=source block or not. In the first case (node "R" is out of the block) a correct diagramm is renderd, but the label is missanligned. But if once put "R" into the first block to ensure an special ranking (as schown below), the position of the label is now correct, but the direction of the arrow changed, so that "P" is a successor of "R".

Digraph g { dpi=150.0; nodesep=0.5; ranksep=0.75;

{rank=source; R; P; }

{rank=sink; Q; } P->R [constraint=false, arrowhead=vee, label="O"]; R->Q [arrowhead=onormal]; }
Output file: b2012.png
[erg] The flat edge problem has been fixed.

The other problem (misplaced edge label) is still there. Here is a small graph exhibiting the problem. The output file shows the problem. Note that both constraint=false and rank=source are necessary to cause the problem.
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