Number: 2006
Title: dot: compound.c:408: makeCompoundEdge: Assertion `bez->eflag' failed.
Submitter: Daniel Werner
Date: Sat Jul 24 04:31:10 2010
Subsys: Dot
Version: 2.20.2
System: *-Linux-
Severity: major
I generate some graphs in my Wiki, in the last time sometimes the grap was not rendered, after some minor changes the rendering often was ok again. So when I looked into the problem via command line command I got this message:

Story_Diagramm_20100724075806:15: syntax error near line 15
context: {"Befreie Gorn aus dem >>>  Arbeitslager", <<< "Aufnahmequest/Neue M√#¬§nner f√#¬ľr Greg","Tr√#¬§ge Seem√#¬§nner","Aufnahmequest/Waldl√#¬§ufer",}->"Angriff auf das Arbeitslager" ;"Aufnahmequest/Ein feiger Spion" [label="Ein feiger Spion",URL="",];
Warning: degenerate concentrated rank cluster1,25
Warning: degenerate concentrated rank cluster1,27
dot: compound.c:408: makeCompoundEdge: Assertion `bez->eflag' failed.

No special flags used, only input, output file defined. My graph code looks valid to me. Looks like GraphViz has some problem with larger diagrams, this never happens with litte input. Also I don't understand the Syntax warning on line 15, the code looks perfectly valid to me. The problem seems to be the "," but in all graphes where I use this the output is as expected.
Input file: b2006.gv
Owner: *
Status: *