Number: 1984
Title: libcdt-4.dll missing
Submitter: Manuela Schallhart
Date: Sun Jun 20 11:40:58 2010
Subsys: Build/Installation
Version: 2.20
System: x86-Windows-7
Severity: minor

i'm trying to install the rgraphviz package, which has been done successfully. but as i want to enter the command 'library(Rgraphviz)' i get a pop up box which indicates that libcdt-4.dll is not installed on the computer. i already tried to lower the version, so i installed 2.26 first, now i have version 2.20 installed. the file libcdt-4.dll is installed - it's in the bin folder of graphviz. so were's the problem?

my R version: 2.11.1

the error:
Error : .onLoad in loadNamespace() fehlgechlagen, Details:
  Aufruf: Rgraphviz
  Fehler: value[[3L]](cond)
Fehler: Laden von Paket/Namensraum für 'Rgraphviz' fehlgeschlagen

thanks, manu
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