Number: 1968
Title: Radial orientation for nodes in twopi
Submitter: Pander
Date: Wed Jun 2 07:49:59 2010
Subsys: Twopi
Version: 2.26.0 (20091210.2329)
System: *-*-
Severity: minor
Nodes on twopi circles need to be controllable regarding orientation and positioning on circle because not they are overlapping way too often, especially on the top and bottom.

The nodes should be rotated in such a way that they get an orientation in line with their position on the circle and the center of that circle. Also, the nodes need to aligned on the outside of the circle, centered on the circle and on the inside of the circle.

Please see this image explaining results of proposed orientation settings for twopi:

Please, also see the example code included in this report.

Implementing this will increase the quality of twopi graphs because the end user has to ability to prevent node overlapping in by proposed means of auto-orientation and node alignment on circle.

[ previous report on this matter can be ignored, as was communicated earlier. This report is the final one. ]

digraph G {
# For twopi, rotate node in direction of radial to center.

# If node is normal when left of center and outside circle
 node[shape="box" orientation="radialLO" ]

# If node is normal when right of center and inside circle
# node[shape="box" orientation="radialRI" ]

# If node is normal when right of center and contered on circle
# node[shape="box" orientation="radialRC" ]

# other options are radialLI, radialLC, radialRO and radialRI

 a [label="aaa" orientation="0" ]
 a -> {a1blablabla a2blablabla a3blablabla a4blablabla }
 a1blablabla -> {a11blablabla a12blablabla a13blablabla }
 a2blablabla -> {a21blablabla a22blablabla a23blablabla }
 a3blablabla -> {a31blablabla a32blablabla a33blablabla }
 a4blablabla -> {a41blablabla a42blablabla a43blablabla }
Owner: *
Status: Request