Number: 1962
Title: unable to run dot.exe in ..Graphviz2.27bin folder
Submitter: Nag
Date: Wed May 26 09:42:52 2010
Subsys: Dot
Version: 2.27
System: *-Windows-xp
Severity: major
I supposed to use the dot.exe in doxyzen application

I have installed the graphviz2.27 by using graphviz-2.27.msi graphviz-2.27.msi is downloaded from

I Think I don't have any problem with doxyzen, because doxyzen running fine Why because I am not able to run the GraphViz manually also (I mean, not able to run Graphviz Application at all)

I Think I may wrong in downloading and installing the GraphViz Application So please help me how to down load, install, configure and use the graphviz application(please provide me the correct URL to download the GraphViz)

it help me a lot if you reply ASAP
Comments: [arif] Can you try to install 2.26 ?
Owner: arif
Status: *