Number: 1961
Title: dot crash and abort
Submitter: Yunlong Wang
Date: Wed May 26 09:33:53 2010
Subsys: Dot
Version: 2.26.3
System: x86-Windows-
Severity: minor
I use the gviz to generate a call graph of my system.

1.       If I uncomment the line #157, the dot will crashed.
2.       If I name the subgraph in Line 32, the dot will be running without a quit.

I doubt it a bug, so send the gviz script to you.

The gviz version is 2.26.3, and the command line is:

dot -Tpdf -o IVT_Call_Graph.pdf IVT_Call_Graph.txt

My platform is Windows XP sp3.

Thanks a lot & Best wishes!

Yunlong Wang

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Input file: b1961.gv
[erg] I don't get the crash of 1) on OSX. However, adding a cluster name to the subgraph in 2) causes

Assertion failed: (ND_order(v) < ND_order(w)), function transpose_step, file mincross.c, line 493.

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