Number: 1946
Title: Divergence or corrupt output
Submitter: Josh Berdine
Date: Sun May 9 18:17:31 2010
Subsys: Dot
Version: 2.24 (or earlier) - 2.27.20100505.0445
System: x86-Windows-6.1.7600
Severity: major
On the included input, dot diverges. If one '-' in the label of node 22 is removed, then dot terminates but produces output with corrupt labels.

Seems to be independent of flags, but I used -O -Tpdf .
Input file: b1946.gv
[ellson] I don't understand what you mean by "diverges" ? Are you saying that dot produces good output on the test case, but bad output if a single "-' is removed?

I can't reproduce this on Linux, so it may be specific to the Windows version.

It sounds like you are switching graphviz versions a lot? Could you double check that this problem occurs on a recent version of graphviz by checking "dot -V" ? (I'm concerned that you might have multiple copies of dot installed.)

[arif] dot hangs with the input graph.
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