Number: 1920
Title: malformed pdf???
Submitter: Casey Johnson
Date: Mon Apr 5 18:38:42 2010
Subsys: Dot
Version: 2.26.3
System: x86-Windows-7
Severity: minor
I used the following command line with the given code.

dot -Tpdf -o R.pdf R.gv

It produces a pdf, but some pdf viewers don't show it correctly. Foxit and Adobe Reader work fine, but Preview (OS X) and TeXworks (with the poppler viewing library do not).

The attached file is a screenshot (TeXworks.png) of the output of similar experiments in TeXworks. OS X Preview gives a similar display.

Notice that in each pdf image the first character is omitted and it is omitted from every single instance within that image.

As I said, some viewers show it correctly; others don't. Is there any chance that dot is producing a pdf that is not up to spec?


Casey Johnson
Input file: b1920.gv
Output file: b1920.pdf
[erg] Here is the original output in png, but for some different graph.
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