Number: 1912
Title: 2.26.3 installer fails in Windows 2000
Submitter: Chris Korda
Date: Tue Mar 30 16:26:22 2010
Subsys: Build/Installation
Version: 2.26.3
System: x86-Windows-2000
Severity: major
I attempted to install Graphviz 2.26.3 on Windows 2000, but the installer rolled back (on the second progress bar) and displayed the following error:

>>> >>>
The installer was interrupted before Graphviz could be installed.
You need to restart the installer to try again.

2.14.1 was previously installed on the machine, but I removed it (via Add/Remove Programs) before attempting to install 2.26.3.

I then tried 2.24, and it installed correctly. Just to make sure, I repeated the above procedure and got the exact same results.

I also tried installing 2.26.3 on an XP machine, and it worked. Is Graphviz no longer compatible with Windows 2000?
Graphviz is awesome!

[north] Chris, thank you for sending this, but we can't cover all the different versions of WIndows any more, so we focus on the most recent ones. If there is a more specific error message, maybe someone can look into it further,

[erg] If you have Visual Studio on your machine, we do make available the project files with the source, so it's not difficult to build the software from scratch.

This isn't as easy as running an install, and it assumes your version of Visual Studio is compatible with the project files, but it's a possibility.
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