Number: 1906
Title: Problem with multiple pages
Submitter: Peter Landgren
Date: Thu Mar 18 12:22:54 2010
Subsys: Dot
Version: 2.26.3
System: x86-Linux-
Severity: major
Problem with multiple pages via *.ps -> *.pdf using ghostscript In 2.24 it was possible to produce nice multiple pages output by using postscript and then ghostscript to get a pdf output. Now with 2.26.3 I cant' get this to work. I get only the first page of three in the attached case.
Input file: b1906.gv
[ellson] Could you send me your .ps output?

Basically it works for me with our latest graphviz snapshot - but I don't recall any fixes that would affect this.

I made this change to your source:

$ diff rel_graph_3_pages.gv.orig rel_graph_3_pages.gv
<   margin="0.51,0.51";
<   page="11.69,8.27";
<   pagedir="BL";
> //  margin="0.51,0.51";
>   page="8.5,11"
>   landscape="true";
> //  pagedir="BL";

then processed with:

    dot -Tps rel_graph_3_pages.gv | ps2pdf - rel_graph_3_pages.pdf

(ps2pdf from: ghostscript-8.71-4.fc12)

and viewed with:

    evince rel_graph_3_pages.pdf

[peter] Thanks for fast response!

I have created a 3 pages pdf output and kept the two intermediate files, which normally are deleted. I use Gramps and we are working a way to get all children with or without. spouses in birth order This seems to be tricky. It works for a "vertical" family tree, but not for a "horizontal".

I any case the commands to create the files are:

dot -Tps:cairo -o"/home/peter/tmp/" "/home/peter/tmp/tmp_WxDxb.gv"
cairo: out of memory
cairo: out of memory


sOutputFile="/home/peter/GRAMPSUTDATA/GRAFER/rel_graph3P_26_2.pdf" "/home/peter/tmp/" -c

As you see I get two out of memory.

If I use the command dot -Tps rel_graph3P_26_2.gv | ps2pdf - rel_graph3P_26_4.pdf

I get rel_graph3P_26_4.pdf with three pages.

(I have renamed the temporary files.)

(evince from: evince-2.28.2-1.fc12)

[erg] rel_graph3P_26_2.gv is here. is here.

rel_graph3P_26_2.pdf is here.

[peter] I have another question regarding this type of graph. We have now a correct graph if we have a vertical family tree. The order of children changes when I create a horizontal family tree just by changing rankdir="TB" to rankdir="RL"

This is obviously not enough to get the correct order. What should we do to achieve this?

I know this is a little bit off topic, but ...

[ellson] Trying to manually control layout in dot is generally an uphill battle, but you could try:

graph [ordering=out]

which is documented as:

If "out" for a graph G, and n is a node in G, then edges n->* appear left-to-right in the same order in which they are defined. If "in", the edges *->n appear left-to-right in the same order in which they are defined for all nodes n.

Sometimes you can also control layout by adding invisible edges.
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