Number: 1898
Title: Windows installer doesn't set InstallLocation property
Submitter: David Brown
Date: Tue Mar 9 00:00:09 2010
Subsys: Build/Installation
Version: 2.26
System: *-Windows-7
Severity: minor
Problem: The Windows Installer doesn't set the MSI InstallLocation property.
I realize this sounds really insignificant, bu a custom tool that I'm working on needs to know the location of the Graphviz installation directory without guessing.

[arif] It is a visual studio bug. VS generated installers do not set that value. I need to add a custom visual basic script in installer to take care of that.
If you're using a Visual Studio setup project, you can either (1) run a VBS script as a postbuild event to insert the custom action to update the MSI InstallLocation property, or (2) build the custom action in directly.


Owner: arif
Status: *