Number: 1886
Title: Unable to install graphviz on centos 5
Submitter: Saurabh aggarwal
Date: Sun Feb 21 01:44:30 2010
Subsys: Build/Installation
System: x86-Other-Centos 5
Severity: major
I am trying to install graphviz on Centos 5 system. I am using rhel/centos repo only. While checking for dependencies it is giving error that it needs following additonal libraries like hal, librsv etc.

I have tried searching internet. Hal is not supported by centos 5

I have a VPS. Where Centos 5 is installed.

Could you please help me.
[ellson] Are you using our graphviz-*.el5.* binary rpms from Installing those using yum should automatically resolve all dependencies.

We have hal and librsvg2 here on our "vanilla" centos-5 systems. Try "yum install hal librsvg2" ?
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