Number: 1868
Title: Long URLs crash dot
Submitter: Seth Koehler
Date: Wed Jan 27 13:53:25 2010
Subsys: Dot
Version: 2.26 (20091210.2329)
System: x86-Windows-Vista
Severity: minor
I'm trying to make an interactive SVG file where clicking on an entry pulls open a new window and writes a table of summary statistics about the node. I've been doing this with javascript and just a big document.write command. However, when the URL string exceeds a certain length (~500 chars), then dot will crash when attempting to generate the SVG (using just standard "dot -Tsvg -Kdot" command). Reducing the length of the URL string fixes the issue. Unfortunately, I've tried to think of other ways to write a new window on the fly, but it would be really beneficial to keep everything in the single DOT file somehow. I did try putting the same string in the SVG output and there was no length problems there.
  a [URL="'','','location=1,status=1,scrollbars=1,width=400,height=400');w.moveTo(100,100);w.document.write('<html><body><p>Ok, this is a really long URL link, which isn't horribly likely unless you're doing some pretty crazy stuff, but it really should work, as it does when I insert it directly into the SVG file.  The following is just basic filler to get to the required string length to cause dot to crash.  If the length is shorter, everything works fine.</p></body></html>');"];
Owner: arif
Status: *