Number: 1858
Title: Graphviz subgraph fixed width with unlimit height
Submitter: brian
Date: Wed Jan 20 09:53:37 2010
Subsys: Dot
Version: 2.26
System: *-Linux-
Severity: major
I have run the below command

neato -T dot -o

i have specify the boundary

graph [bb="0,0,10,1000"]
but the output seem overide the setting with others

graph [bb="0,0,10,1000"];
node [label="N", width=1, height="0.5", fixedsize=true];
graph [bb="0,0,403,374"];

Can it be able to set the boundary of fixed width with unlimited height, so that the node can auto arrange by desired region.
Input file:
Output file:
[erg] Please note in the documentation that the bb attribute is written by the software, but ignored on input.

In general, there is nothing currently in the neato layout that would let one limit the range of positions. Even in post-processing, there is nothing that can cause a layout to shrink except the size attribute, and this scales everything.

Given that your input graph has no edges at all, it is unclear what you are trying to achieve.
Owner: *
Status: Request